Soy isoflavones softgel
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Soy isoflavones are naturally present in the soy bean. Soy has been a main food in Asian countries for many years. This is because they are very nutritious: they contain about 36% protein, 18% fat, 30% carbohydrates, isoflavones and a lot of minerals and vitamins.

The role of soy in the prevention of chronic diseases continues to be a top priority for scientist around the world. Linking health and soy consumption give striking results: lower number of hormonal depending tumors such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, better bone stability, lower risk of developing osteoporosis and an extremely low rate of menopause symptoms.

The consumption of isoflavones during the puberty, when the female breast develops, appears to protect the woman later in life against cancer. Studies show that women who ate weekly more than 3 portions of soy during adolescence showed a 40% reduced risk of breast cancer compared to those who did not consume soy. That's why it's important for girls to consume soy products or isoflavones supplements.

Soy Isoflavones are biologically active substances from non-genetically modified soybeans refined. It is an important physiological activities with a variety of natural nutritional factors, natural plant estrogen, easily absorbed, quickly nutrition.